Garage Door Home Renovation Maintenance Tips

A garage door is the biggest part of your house that moves and is often used throughout the day in all seasons and at any time. To keep garage doors operating the right way for decades, it is very imperative to perform maintenance and regular care. Albeit, there are some professionals that can offer great tips to homeowners on how to fix their homes. Today, the professionals at Red Deer Doors, a local Red Deer business specializing in service for repairing garage doors will go through some of the best tips for maintaining and repairing your garage door. Here are ten things that homeowners can implement:

1. Listen and Look

The most imperative step you should take is to look at your garage door every time it opens and closes. Is it jerking in certain places or is it moving too slow? Does it work quietly or does it make a scraping or grinding noise? Are the cables, springs, and pulleys symmetrical on both sides?

2. Make the Hardware Tight

All garage doors work by moving up and down more than a thousand times each year. That is a lot of vibrations and movement, and it can cause the hardware to loosen. Tighten and Examine all bolts and roller brackets with a tool such as a socket wrench.

3. Test the Balance of the Garage Door

When your garage door is not balanced correctly, the opener has to work a lot harder, and in result, it will not last long.
After the opener is detached by pulling a red cord, you should move the door half-way up. If the door does not stay put the springs are most likely balanced improperly. Garage door adjustments should be handled by a professional garage door technician service.

4. Replace and Inspect the Rollers

Regardless if the rollers are nylon and steel, they need to be looked at twice a year for problems and should be replaced about every seven years. If you use your garage door often, it should be replaced for more than seven years.
If you have chipped, cracked or worn rollers, they should be replaced as quickly as possible. You can do this by reinstalling and removing all roller brackets that are not connected to a cable system.

5. Get Rid of the Weatherstripping

To keep the elements out of your home, replace the weather seal strip if it appears to be brittle or cracked. Weatherstripping is sold at hardware and home improvement stores by the foot. Simply cut to size and insert it into the grooves of the wide angle in the flange of the door.

6. Lubricate the Parts That Move

Keeping the parts of a garage door greased up will increase the longevity of seamless operation to your garage door, and it takes only ten minutes a year. You should use some white lithium grease on the open part of the screw or chain, and then you should spray a lubricant, that is available from a garage door service specialist to cover the springs.

7. Take a Look at the Cables

You should not mess with high tension cables that lift your garage door because they can kill and maim. It is good to check the condition of the cables, so you know when to hire a technician. Check for damage and broken strands located near the bottom of the roller bracket.

8. Test the Automatic Reverse Safety Features

There are two different mechanisms which are photocell and mechanical. To test the mechanical part, place a piece of brick or wood on the ground where the door is. When the door comes down, it should touch the object then reverse and go back up into the same direction. To test the photoelectric system with beams shut your door and move your leg by the path of the door. Your garage door should reverse.

If you have an opener that is more than twenty years old, it may lack the common safety feature, so you should buy a new opener for your garage door.

9. Clear All of the Tracks

You should make sure that the tracks that are on both sides of the garage door are free from rubbish. You should also check the plumb by using a level. If you have any significant adjustments to tracks that need to be done a garage door technician service has to take care of it.

10. Take Care of Your Garage

Don’t forget to look at your garage door itself. Wooden doors will need to be looked at for warp and water damage, as well as peel and chipped paint. Steel doors may sometimes have some rusty parts that need to be primed, painted and sanded. Wash garage doors regularly with an all-purpose cleaner that is mild when you was your car.