How Tree Removal May Be The Best Home Renovation This Summer

Trees help to serve as shields for protection along your property’s edges. They’re also literal masterpieces that can sit right in your own backyard that are both comforting and beautiful.

Unfortunately, removing a tree is an instance that can prove to be difficult, both physically and mentally. Take a moment to imagine looking out of your kitchen window and no longer seeing the large tree that once you to sit majestically in your backyard’s far corner. Instead of being able to watch the branches sway along as the wind blows, you’re instead looking at a large, empty area covered with dirt, which is where the roots of that same tree used to grow.

The many benefits that trees possess occur mentally, emotionally, and physically, and what seems to matter the most is the overall happiness that we feel from them every single day. However, when a tree becomes a risk to both your home, your roof, and individuals that reside in the shade below them, it’s always a good idea to put their overall fate in the hands of a trained professional.

Signs of Tree Damage

When you begin to inspect your tree to determine whether it needs to be removed from your property, you should always begin at the roots. Here are six of the most common signs of tree damage that you should look for:

*Soil both at the base of the trunk and beneath the canopy of the tree
*Fungi, such as mushrooms that produces decay, which will often grow at the base of the tree’s trunk
*Peeling/chipped bark and cracks in the trunk of the tree
*Cavities located within the trunk and larger-sized scaffold branches
*Hanging and dead branches located in the upper crown
*Fine twigs that do not have any living buds close to the ends of the branches

These six common signs are from GJ’s Tree Services. Our Maple Ridge Tree Removal company serves many clients, feel free to check us out today for more common signs on when you should remove a tree before it becomes a burden to your home improvement or roofing project.

It’s important to keep in mind that trees are considered to be living organisms that will eventually start to die as time goes on. However, as trees begin to grow and become more mature, they possess a large number of benefits. As a result, one of which includes being able to provide shade during the hot summer season. Tree removal may be able to open up your backyard and become a great home renovation.


Always consult a trained professional arborist for assistance with inspecting your trees for any and all damage. They will be able to help you determine the best solution that will work for your property. Always pay close attention to trees that create risks and contact a professional if you feel that it’s necessary to remove pests and diseases of any kind. Not only will the professional be able to let you know how likely it is that your injured tree will fail, but they can also tell let you know of the many benefits that you can take advantage of with a currently living tree if it doesn’t get removed.

Arborists always state how easy it is to err on the side of caution and get rid of larger-sized mature trees before they actually need to; however, arborists that are more qualified will be able to understand just how important it is to come up with methods to maximize the full benefits of trees while, at the same time, reducing overall risks.