Considerations Before Remodelling Your Bathroom

If you are considering to remodel your bathroom, there are some fundamental tips which could make it more successful. For your bathroom to gain more storage, improve lighting and drainage, follow the following tips:

1. Plumbing

You should consider changing your drain pipes because most pipes used in residential places are 1.5 inches and they clog easily. In a normal household, bathroom pipes take in a lot of hair and other sediments, and they easily clog leading to more maintenance or repair costs. You can prevent all this from happening by upgrading to a 2-inch drain pipe which is less likely to clog. However, if your framing does not allow the update, you can look for an alternative solution to facilitate drainage. Additionally, if you live in cold areas where water freezes during winter, your plumbing pipes should not be routed through an exterior wall to prevent them from freezing and consequently clogging.

2. Lighting

To brighten up your bathroom, you can consider installing recessed light fixtures on your ceiling. With a proper shower trim, you can also include one or two recessed light fixtures in your shower to light up the place. Additionally, you can install a dimmer switch in your bathroom to be able to adjust the lights from time to time. Proper lighting in a bathroom is essential to improve the mood and visibility in your bathroom while shaving or applying make-up. You can only meet this objective by installing bright light fixtures when remodeling your bathroom.

3. Medicine cabinets

Amazing advice from IPC at says: “If you don’t have enough space to have medical cabinets, you can recess them in your bathroom to save space. Since medical cabinets protrude 4-5 inches, they may end up utilizing a lot of space in your bathroom, and you should, therefore, economize as much as possible.”

4. Wall-hung toilets

Wall hung toilets have become very popular with homeowners because they are affordable and they are economical on space as the tank is hidden behind the wall. They are effective, and if you are looking forward to remodeling your bathroom, this should be a consideration. However, because of their drainage, you will have to rework the supply of your toilet if you change your mind to have the floor mounted the unit in future.

5. Installing a window in the shower

If done properly, installing a window in your shower can be a great way of remodeling your bathroom because it improves lighting, aeration among other benefits. However, to successfully install a bathroom window, you should consider the following:
• Choosing a frosted-glass panel to enhance privacy
• Get a window which opens to facilitate aeration
• To ensure that the area is water tight, you should have stone jambs along the entire installation
• Slope down the sill to allow proper drainage
• Get tilt and turn windows because they have a screen located on the outside of the window, have privacy even when tilted open and have plastic handles which can’t rust

6. Shower sills

Just like window sills, they should be sloped into the shower due to drainage. When choosing shower sills, a solid material e.g. stone or quartz are preferred to avoid water seepage.

7. Shower floors

Ideally, large tiles are mainly slippery unless they are textured because grout tiles are further apart. On the other hand, smaller tiles have more traction and hence ideal for your shower floors. You can choose your floor tiles as per your preferences and choices.

8. Shower bases

There are numerous modern shower bases made from porcelain or acrylic which you can choose from to make your bathroom stand out.

9. Drawer storage

Since drawers are easier to access and organize, you should consider installing a vanity with a drawer storage rather than using doors. You can choose the drawer size depending on the size of items you want to accommodate.

10. Install a shower or a bathtub

Even though preference plays a role in choosing between installing a bathtub or a shower, how often you bathe is another factor which should be considered. The main objective behind bathroom remodeling is to improve the conditions of your bathroom for a better life, and you should not limit yourself to renovate your home for a future buyer!