Reduce Energy Bills For Running HVAC Systems in Saskatoon

-Is your HVAC system more than a decade old or is it not giving you the needed comfort?
-Are the boiler, furnace and air conditioner working for too many hours in a day?
-Are your energy bills higher than what you were paying earlier?

If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, it may make more sense to replace your old air conditioning system, so that your home is better cooled or heated, while it saves you money in the long term. It is estimated that 40 percent of the energy bills that most homes receive are meant to cover the costs of running heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.

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First Steps to Efficiency

A new heating or cooling system can cost thousands of dollars, and it, therefore, makes sense to check both your home and your HVAC system for leaks that can prove quite costly. It is often the root of the inefficient working and is a defect that is less expensive to remedy.

Start with appointing an energy efficiency professional to conduct an energy assessment of your home. They will do so, either by walking through the home with a clipboard or, do it more comprehensively by using blowers that pressurize the home and allow the leaks to be detected. In many towns, electric utility companies subsidize the costs of such assessment, while there are states that give rebates or discounts when you install insulation or do other things that can increase the energy efficiency of your home.

There is a reason why this first step is the right thing to do. Proper insulation of the home and sealing leakage points can have your heating and cooling system running more efficiently. You may find that it is no more necessary to replace your existing HVAC system. Even if you decide to do so, your new system will be of the appropriate size, will run efficiently, and lead to substantial savings in energy bills over time.

Find the Right Air Conditioning Professional

What do you have to do to add, replace or upgrade any installed HVAC system that is at present serving the needs of your home and family? Look for a professional HVAC technician who is properly qualified. You can get one through a reference from friends, or those recommended by builders, insulation companies or energy efficient professionals. This professional will assume the responsibility of installing systems that can have a bearing on the safety and health of your family.

If your air conditioning system is not properly sized or incorrectly installed, it can leak carbon monoxide that can prove fatal, allow toxins to invade your airspace, promote the growth of mold that leads to illnesses or start fires. The professional you choose must have a North American Technical Excellence (NATE) certification. When a contractor has a NATE patch, it means that he has technicians who have this certification which is accepted nationally.

The HVAC professional you appoint must conduct a load calculation so that your system is the right size. Load calculations do not depend on just the size of your home but are also affected by local weather, ventilation requirements, windows and levels of insulation besides other factors.

If you are not satisfied with the load calculations carried out by this professional, or he does not adhere to the requirements of a Quality Installation Specification, find another who will do so. Your health and safety, as well as the cost to you, can otherwise be affected.